St.Petersburg Archery Center

The largest archery area in St.Petersburg and Russia - 2000 sq.m with full 50 m distance.

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Every kind of archery practice is available. 

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 Longbow & Barebow  Olympic bow  Compound bow

We have two kinds of galleries: long distance and short distance.

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In the long distance gallery all distances up to 50 meters are available.
This is an area for compound & olympic bows and crossbows. Traditional bows shooting is limited by 30 m.


In four short distance galleries all distances up to 18 meter are used.
This is a training area for newbies, or winter shooting area for all.


 We develop flying targets archery as a entertaiment. This is Laporte Archery machine 25T65 and arrows with special gum points.

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 Two Sure-loc bow presses for compound bows...    A workplace for repairing or making new arrows, bowstrings etc is here.

Archery web-shop LUKIVRUKI.ru is situated here.

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Products of famous brands are sold: bows, arrows, stabilizers, quivers, pullers, sights, apparel etc.

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Throwing knives & axes 

We have a separate area for throwing axes & knives.

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Air guns

Are also welcome here. You can see airgun practice similar to IPSC.

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Because we have a large area, archers and knifemen absolutely do not disturb each other…
…and even a common platform for warming-up is found.

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Our archery center is a base for Sport Shooting Club. 

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 Sport-shooting club "Avantguarde" connects people who like archery and crossbow.
The club was founded in May 2006 by a group of professional archers.
Now the club brings together all who are interested in archery in St. Petersburg and the region.
The three main disciplines are in the focus: target archery, 3D archery and IFAA compettions.

We are trying to develop archery and knife throwing in St. Petersburg, therefore lead events in the center and…UMRaD1tCL00phoca thumb l j9Hqc78o2nQphoca thumb l IMG 0065-9U-ZZ-3XURtI

 …and outdoor.

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